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Updated: Apr 15, 2019


When choosing the best skin cream combination, the exclusive range of Eden Tree Active skincare we have available is ideal for clients seeking to rejuvenate their skin this spring.

Offering fast acting results for all skin types, this range of beauty products online can be used everyday, and includes anti ageing skincare designed to hydrate tired skin, smooth lines and wrinkles and protect skin from everyday environmental effects.

Understanding what your skin needs can be tricky, and every client has unique requirements, concerns and bespoke needs from a skin care cream. One of the reasons Eden Tree Active skincare is a popular choice is versatility; our effective skincare products can be used as singular products or as part of a skin care cream combination.

Thanks to the innovative combination of ingredients – unique to Eden Tree Active skincare – our range of beauty products online are suitable for all skin types, lifestyles, and clients of all ages. Most importantly we care about where Eden Tree Active skincare comes from, and to ensure we give you the best skin cream possible, each and every skin care cream, facial cleanser, hydrating serum and face wash is free from animal testing and harsh chemicals.

We’re so passionate about the Eden Tree Active skincare products we’ve put together 3 common winter skincare concerns and chosen the best combination of our beauty products online to make a real difference to your skin. Whether you choose the best skin cream or a hydrating serum we’re sure you’ll love the changes you’ll see to your skin.


Problem: Winter can dehydrate you skin, leaving the dermis feeling dry, itchy and lacking in natural moisture. This can be an especially tricky time of year for those with sensitive skin, leading to flaking and red patches.

Solution: It’s important to choose a combination of products or a skin care cream that provide deep moisturisation, but equally you may like to consider a soothing lotion that can calm irritated skin and remove dead skin cells. We recommend the Hydrating Kit; this three-piece starter pack includes a moisturising face cream, hydrating serum and soothing cleanser.


Problem: Dull winter skin is often a result of dehydration; on both the inside and outside. Choosing thicker, creamier moisturisers that penetrate deep into skin to hydrate can improve poor skin tone.

Solution: Our Recover Active Night Cream energises the skin as you sleep, and is the best skin cream for improving a dermis that’s lacking in radiance. Combined with the Reveal Foaming Glycolic Wash – used once a day as part of a daily skincare regimen – lacklustre skin can be improved leaving your natural vibrancy to shine through.


Problem: Winter sunshine can still cause skin damage, including premature ageing concerns such as hyperpigmentation, fine lines and wrinkles. It’s important to protect the skin during the winter months in order to avoid sun damage.

Solution: It’s not just the summer months that can damage your skin; winter sunshine is strong enough to cause UVA damage resulting in hyperpigmentation or ageing lines. Full of antioxidents and SPF, our Protect Broad Spectrum Sun Protection offers factor 20 protection and hydrates the skin to improve its appearance and quality throughout winter. Our Advanced Signature C-10 serum uses scientific and evidence based formulas, offering daily antioxidant protection for an added boost when used in combination with the SPF.


You can find out more about history of Eden Skin Care here, or to shop for our skincare and beauty products online head to the shop where you’ll be able to browse our range of body care, a skin care cream or serum. Call the team on 07847 515254 to discuss your anti ageing and skin health needs or to find out which is the best skin cream for your needs.

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